Repage’s Content Discovery Engine is a great way to find local and trending topics to share on your Social Media Pages. Instead of having to search the internet for topics to post about, we bring the top trending topics and local content right to your Dashboard.

To make it even easier for you to share these articles, we’ve added a Queue feature. When you find an article, event, or offer you would like to share with your followers we recommend you “Add to Queue”.

By adding to the Queue, you’re ensuring that your post will be shared with your followers at an optimal time for the most people to see your post and hopefully engage with you. Our queue uses proven data to know when the most activity on social media pages occurs and then sends your posts out during these time periods so you’ll have the highest chance of views and engagement.

The intelligent queuing system spaces out when posts are sent so your followers aren’t getting overwhelmed with content. Approximately one post will be sent out a day, even if you add multiple posts to the queue during the day. Feel free to add as many posts as you would like to the queue and the system will periodically send them out for you.

Have time sensitive items you’ve added to the queue? No problem. The queue will make sure that any time sensitive offer or event will be shared before they expire, even if they’ve been added to the queue last.

No need to make a detailed social media calendar, plotting out when to post and at what time. We’ve taken all the guessing out of it for you!