To access the SEO dashboard, you'll need to use the login that you received from your account manager at the start of your services. Not sure what your login is? Reach out to your account manager or

Once you're logged in:
  1. Navigate to the SEO tab on the main menu bar
  2. On the dropdown menu, select SEO Dashboard
  3. By default, you'll be taken to the Overview screen for the first campaign on your account alphabetically. To select a different campaign, click on the campaign dropdown menu and select the campaign you'd like to review data for
  4. By default, you'll be looking at data for the past 30 days. However, you can adjust this to whatever time period you would like by clicking on the date range.


Just as it sounds, the Overview tab will give you an overview of how your campaign is performing. Here, you'll find key metrics for Search Engine Rankings, Website Traffic & Conversions.

Search Engine Rankings: See how many keywords your site is ranking for on Google in the #1 position as well as the 1st & 2nd pages.

Traffic: Here you'll find key insights about your website visitors. The top line shows the data for all the organic traffic to your site, and the 2nd line shows the data for all traffic to your site.

Conversions: See how many organic conversions your site has received during the selected period of time.

SEO Performance Overview Chart: View your site's average search engine ranking position for all keywords tracked, the number of organic visits to your site, and the number of conversions to your site on any given day.

SERP Rankings

Looking to see the individual rankings for each keyword being tracked? Navigate to the SERP Rankings section.
  • #1 Rankings - The number of keywords for which you're showing in the 1st position of Google
  • 1st Page Rankings - The number of keywords for which you're showing on the 1st page of Google (positions 1-10)
  • 2nd Page Rankings - The number of keywords for which you're showing on the 2nd page of Google (positions 11-20)
  • Keywords Tracked - The total number of keywords we're tracking for you.
Average SERP Rankings Chart: See the average ranking for all keywords being tracked on both Google as well as Bing/Yahoo

Keyword SERP Rankings: Here you can find each keyword we are tracking for your website, it's current ranking, and how it has increased (+) or decreased (-) compared to the time period selected. Your options are compare to:
  • Previous Day
  • Previous 7 Days
  • Previous 30 Days
  • Previous 90 Days
You can also view the average monthly searches for each keyword, and sort this chart by whichever column you'd prefer.

Web Analytics

If you're looking for more details on your website traffic, navigate to the Web Analytics section. At the top, you'll find the key traffic metrics you saw on the Overview screen.

Traffic Sources: Here, you'll see a pie chart describing the various traffic sources to your site, including:
  • Direct: Visitors who knew your site's URL and visited it directly. This includes bookmarks
  • Organic: Visitors who found your site in search engine results and clicked on it
  • Paid: Visitors who clicked on your ad and visited your site
  • Referral: Visitors who arrived at your site from a 3rd party source (3rd party sources include:, Blogs, and any other site that links back to your website)
  • Social: Visitors who arrived at your site by clicking on a link on a social site, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Other: Google was unable to qualify which source the visit came from
Sessions Chart: Compare the total number of sessions to your site to the number of organic sessions on your site. Looking for the traffic numbers on a given date? Hover over the bullets on the chart to see the specific numbers.

Top Organic Keywords: View the top organic keywords that people searched to arrive at your site. Due to privacy restrictions, many may be qualified as (not provided). The top 25 keywords will pull in.

Top Organic Content: View which pages of your site get the most visits. The top 25 pages will pull into the dashboard.


Looking for more detailed information on the organic conversions that have happened on your site? Visit the Conversions section. Here you'll find the number of phone & web conversions that have taken place for the selected period of time, as well as the specific call details.

Learn more about Conversions.