1. Get your chatbot setup on your website. You or your corporate team will receive the coding to put on the backend of your website. Add it and the chatbot comes to life: http://kb.respage.com/setup/adding-chatbot-to-rentcafe-yardi

2. Chatbot will live on your website just like below, and prospects can ask it questions about you property. Say Hello to your new 24/7 leasing agent.

3.  Prospects can ask rental prices, floor plans, amenities etc. They can also schedule tours to come visit and chatbot will collect their information for you to follow up with.

4. All conversations that happen on your site will be on your dashboard as well as emailed to the email provided at setup. You’ll be able to view your leads, unique visitors and full conversations on the Respage dashboard, see below.

Try the demo chatbot here: http://chatbotdemo.respage.com/