When using the Content Discovery Engine’s “Add to Queue” feature, you are simplifying the process of sharing content and relying on our platform to deliver the content based on a variety of factors. Those include:

  • Number of items in the queue – The frequency of publishing is dependent upon how much is in the queue. If a queue only has 2 items, those posts will be spaced out over the next week. If there are 7 items, those posts would be delivered daily.
  • Optimal posting items – Respage uses a proprietary algorithm to identify optimal posting times that changes over time. This is also a significant factor in when content is published. As a result, there are no pre-determined times for content to be shared via the auto-queue as of this time.
  • Urgency – Content which has an expiration date (for example: an event that is approaching or an offer which is ending) will be moved to the top of the list to ensure it is delivered prior to the expiration date
  • Maximum of 1 daily post – The content queue currently supports only one daily post. This means that if 14 posts are loaded in, it will take approximately 2 weeks for those posts to be published. In the event a post has been published, but an expiring piece needs to be published, multiple posts per day can occur in rare circumstances.

We recognize that some users may want more control over their content publishing dates/times, so we recommend simply scheduling them for specific times in the future using the scheduler on the share page. However, we believe that the auto-queue will lend itself to better engagement and a simpler content curation process.