Clients frequently ask us if we can recommend a specific product from a 3rd party vendor. Unfortunately, we often can’t offer insight as we do not have personal experience with these products and services. However, here are some general questions to keep in mind when considering adding any product or service for your company:

  • Do we know of any colleagues or competitors in the industry that have used this product and service and seen proven results?
  • What is the total cost of services (budget + any service fees)?
  • Do we have enough money in the budget to add this service?
  • Are we able to track leads generated from this product or service?
  • How long is the contract for?
  • Are we able to cancel if we are not seeing results, or are we obligated to keep the service for a contracted period of time?
  • How can I monitor the effectiveness of this product/service?
  • What type of reporting is available for this product/service?
  • How often can I anticipate receiving reports?