Phone Conversions:

What counts as a phone conversion? Any time someone finds your website in organic search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL or any other search engine, and then calls the property, this counts as a phone conversion.

What's Advanced Call Tracking? Your Respage SEO service includes Advanced Call Tracking. This requires a short snippet of JavaScript code be added to your website in order for it to work. When someone clicks on your website after finding you in organic search results, the phone number on the site will dynamically update, allowing us to track the source of the call as "organic." Advanced Call Tracking allows you to see the numbers, location, call duration and more of the people that have called your property after finding your site in organic search results. This is advantageous if trying to track your leases back to the lead source.

What are "Unique Phone Conversions?" This means that this is the first time the caller has called the property since we've been tracking phone conversions for you.

I have SEO services with Respage. How do I see the phone conversions & Advanced Call Tracking for my property?
  1. Login to the Respage dashboard
  2. Click on "SEO" & select "Dashboard" from the dropdown menu
  3. Click the "Overview" dropdown menu and select "Conversions". Here you'll see all of the organic conversions your site has received, including the number of phone conversions. "

Call Details" will appear on a chart below.

My site doesn't have any phone conversions. Why? It is possible that either we have not gained access to your site, or your site is unable to support the JavaScript code necessary in order to track conversions. Please reach out to your Account Manager or for more information.