Organic Web Conversions:

What is an organic web conversion? Any time someone finds your website in organic search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL or any other search engine, and then submits a contact form on your site, this counts as a web conversion.

How do you track organic web conversions? We use "Goals" in Google Analytics to track web conversions. In order for us to be able to track them on your site, you need to have a "Thank You" or confirmation page with its own URL that loads any time someone submits a contact form. 

I have SEO services with Respage. How can I see if my property has had any organic web conversions? You can view this information by:

  1. Logging into the Respage dashboard 
  2. Clicking on "SEO" & selecting "Dashboard" from the dropdown menu
  3. Clicking the "Overview" dropdown menu and selecting "Conversions". Here you'll see all of the organic conversions your site has received, including the number of web conversions.

I have SEO services with Respage, but my site doesn't have any web conversions. Why? Do you have a "Thank You" or confirmation page on your site? If not, consider adding one. If you do, and you're still not seeing any web conversions, please reach out to your Account Manager or