The benefit of using Respage for your social advertising services is that we do all of the work for you. That means that you don't need to spend time curating images for each of your properties and sending them to us - we'll take care of all of that. We know what images work the best on Facebook and will result in the highest relevance scores, and we can typically pull them right from your website. However, from time to time, if your website doesn't have high-quality images on it, we may have to contact you for higher resolution images. 

Using Lifestyle Photos:

For many ecommerce products, showing an image with your product being used by happy customers results in higher click-thru-rates. However, that is not the case in the multifamily industry. When searching for an apartment, prospective residents want to see unobscured images of the property. In testing, we found that lifestyle images resulted in extremely low relevance scores, resulting in higher cost-per-results and lower click-thru-rates.

Using Text on Images

Facebook frowns on using text on your images. If you have text on an image, you'll have limited exposure and much higher cost-per-result, or you run the risk of having your ads disapproved altogether. Furthermore, as noted above, prospective renters want to see unobscured images of the property. Due to this fact, we will not add text to your images.