Respage Facebook Advertising Spend Pause Guidelines

Like all advertising efforts, consistency is key. But if you need to temporarily pause a Facebook Advertising campaign managed by Respage here are our guidelines:

  • Minimum start uptime: You cannot pause a campaign until its run for a initial minimum of 3 months. This allows us to build a campaign’s history and relevance score. 
  • 30 day cycle: We invoice on a 30 day cycle, so we can’t pause midcycle. We can pause for your next upcoming billing cycle. If an invoice has already gone out, we don’t amend the invoice. Instead, we credit your account.
  • Billing: Respage will pause any billing for your services and ad budget during the pause duration for any invoices not already sent. Credits will be applied for any period that services are paused and invoices have already been sent. 
  • Setup fees for resuming your campaign: There are no additional fees for accounts paused for <6 months. If an an account is paused for 6 months or more, there will be $250 setup fee to resume.
  • Reminders: We will email our main contact monthly with a pause reminder to notify you of your paused campaign.
  • Request to pause your campaign: We must receive the pause request via email. We cannot accept verbal requests.
  • Request to resume your campaign: We must receive the resume request via email. We cannot accept verbal requests.