Sharing content from the Content Discovery Engine is simple. Start by accessing the Content Discovery, then identify an article, event, or offer you’d like to share, then click on the Share button on the bottom right of the content card.

Once within the share screen, you’ll see several options, outlined below:

  • Choosing networks – Start by choosing the networks you wish to publish to. By default, all networks connected will be selected. To de-select a network, simply click on the icon and it will become grayed out.
  • Edit your Facebook message – You can add some additional copy to the Facebook post to provide your own voice. This is not required, but highly recommended. You will also see the Facebook link preview including thumbnail image and title as well as description.
  • Edit your Twitter message – You can alter the Twitter message to be more custom, or leave it as is. No matter what, do not remove the link.
  • Add to Queue – This is the recommended option for sharing most content. Learn more about how the auto-queue works.
  • Share Now – This option is for when you’d like to share a piece of content immediately (don’t worry, if you click it by accident, you’ll need to confirm you want to share it right now).
  • Share at a specific time – This option will allow you to choose a very specific date and time to publish a piece of content through the Content Discovery Engine.