When using the Content Discovery Engine’s “Custom” feature, you can add the URLs of any websites that have RSS feeds. This allows you to customize the content you share. You can select a maximum of 10 RSS feeds.

  • Start by clicking “Custom” from the left side navigation, then click “Customize Feeds.” This screen will appear:

  • Copy/paste or type the URL (the full URL isn’t required) into the box, then click “Add Feed.” Note: Not all websites have RSS feeds.
  • The name of the site will appear in the “Manage your feeds” box. If you wish to remove it, click on it, then select “Remove.”
  • Close out of the box. The website you chose will now appear in the left side navigation, under “Custom.”
  • Click on the website and a list of articles will appear. From here, simply follow the Sharing Content instructions.