The Respage Content Discovery Engine has built-in learning functionality to provide a better content curation experience for users. When browsing content, you’ll notice a thumbs up and thumbs down on each content post as seen below. These buttons serve multiple roles.

  • Thumbs Up – The thumbs up button lets the system know that you like something about that individual piece of content. It also adds that piece of content to the Saved list. Each time a piece of content is shared, it is also added to the saved list as well. We will use this information to better understand your sharing habits and serve up content more in line with your interests over time.
  • Thumbs Down – The thumbs down button lets the system know that you do not like the piece of content. Again, we can use this information to improve the content curation experience. If a specific source or type of content is thumbed down numerous times, related content will be suppressed.