The Respage Content Discovery Engine offers users a vast array of content which is constantly updated. The content falls into 3 primary buckets.

  • Trending – This is content that is could be considered viral or trending across the social networks with significant filters in place. Our technology does its best to filter out all inappropriate and controversial content, leaving users with a pool of constantly updated, renter-friendly content that’s already proven to be liked across the web.
  • Events – This is hyperlocal content geared to help identify events happening nearby, from large events to the smallest ones.
  • Offers – The Content Discovery Engine scours the web daily and pulls in offers from dozens of online sources including Groupon,, Yelp, and more, all to find deals that get engagement due to the relevance and proximity to the property.
  • Custom – This is content hand-picked by you. You can add up to 10 websites that have RSS feeds, allowing you to customize the content you share.

After you’ve gotten familiar with the content offered, you may want to learn more about interacting with the content. Including training the system’s learning technology, saving content for later, or scheduling content via the auto-queue.