Within the Content Discovery Engine, users have the ability to save content for use at a later time. To better understand how saving content works, see the bullet points below:

  • Saving content – Identify a piece of content you wish to save for later and simply hit the gray thumbs up button. This will add the content to your saved queue, but will also tell the Respage platform that you like that content and will start to learn your preferences for more efficient content delivery.
  • Accessing saved content – To access saved content, simply navigate to the bottom of the left navigation and click on ‘Saved’ for a list of saved content across content types.
  • Sharing saved content – From within the Saved screen, all content is easily shared by simply clicking the share button. To learn more about the options for sharing, visit our content sharing article.
  • Expired content – Since the platform is built around relevant and timely content, saved content will not last forever. Trending content will expire after 30 days, while local even and offers will expire when the event date has past or offer expiration has passed. Once Saved content expires, it is no longer possible to be shared via Content Discovery.